Treatment of giant-cell tumor of the pelvis.

  title={Treatment of giant-cell tumor of the pelvis.},
  author={Baroniya Sanjay and Frank J. Frassica and Deborah A Frassica and Krishnan K. Unni and Richard A. McLeod and Franklin H. Sim},
  journal={The Journal of bone and joint surgery. American volume},
  volume={75 10},
Nineteen patients who had a giant-cell tumor of the pelvis were managed from 1944 through 1989. Thirteen of the patients were in the third or fourth decade of life. The ileum was involved in thirteen patients; the pubis, in two; the ischium, in three; and the pubis and ischium, in one. Five patients who had an initial Stage-II (active) lesion were managed with curettage; in one of the five, a local recurrence developed at twelve months, and the other four had no evidence of disease from nine to… CONTINUE READING
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