[Treatment of femoral neck fractures using a total hip prosthesis].


From October 1. 1977 to December 1. 1982 106 patients suffering from fractures of the femoral neck (n = 75) or necroses of the femoral head and nonunions of the neck fracture respectively (n = 33) underwent total hip replacement by TEP (type Müller-Charnley). The results obtained were much better in comparison to other methods of treatment: less complications, shortening of in-hospital stay (average 21.1 days) and satisfactory till good late results in 82.8%. The mortality rate came up to 13.9% (fractures: 20.0%, necrosis of the head and nonunion: 0.0%). Concerning complications we observed wound infections 0.9%, dislocations 1.9%, twice fractures of the thigh bone, twice loosening of the shaft of the prosthesis and once its fracture. The authors emphasize that in spite of the good results obtained for the time being total hip replacement for fractures of the femoral neck should be reserved to special wards.

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