Treatment of distal radius malunions with an intramedullary nail.


Malunion of the distal radius are the most common complications of distal radius fractures. Increased angulation of the distal radius can result in altered load concentrations on the wrist, decreased range of motion, decreased grip strength, and residual incongruence of the radiocarpal and distal radioulnar joints. Multiple options exist for fixation of corrective osteotomies of the distal radius, including intramedullary nails. The use of an intramedullary nail provides the benefits of a percutaneous insertion technique, low-profile implant, load-sharing design, and fixed-angle locking screws in the distal fragment. We describe an innovative technique for intramedullary fixation for corrective osteotomies of extraarticular distal radius malunions.

DOI: 10.1097/BTH.0b013e318187bb45

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@article{Ilyas2009TreatmentOD, title={Treatment of distal radius malunions with an intramedullary nail.}, author={Asif M. Ilyas and Matthew W Reish and Tasnim M Beg and Joseph J Thoder}, journal={Techniques in hand & upper extremity surgery}, year={2009}, volume={13 1}, pages={30-3} }