Treatment of cutaneous T cell lymphomas with PUVA.

  title={Treatment of cutaneous T cell lymphomas with PUVA.},
  author={G. Rabbiosi and A Carcaterra and Mario Bellosta},
  journal={International journal of tissue reactions},
  volume={8 2},
A series of 39 patients with CTCL was treated with PUVA over a period of 5 years, comprising 6 patients in stage IA, 13 in stage IB, 15 in stage IIA and 5 in stage IIB. PUVA treatments were administered four times weekly until clearing; a maintenance therapy employed 2 to 1 exposures per week for 2 months. Complete clinical and histological examinations were taken. We obtained a complete remission in all stage IA patients, and a partial remission in stage IB and IIA patients, who required… CONTINUE READING
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