Treatment of bone and soft tissue defects in infected nonunion.

  title={Treatment of bone and soft tissue defects in infected nonunion.},
  author={W. Flatz. D. Fleischmann and Gebhard Suger and Lothar Kinzl},
  journal={Acta orthopaedica Belgica},
  volume={58 Suppl 1},
In the treatment of infected pseudarthroses the general principles of osteitis treatment are applied. This includes radical excision of pseudarthrotic and infected bone tissue, and of diseased surrounding soft tissue. External fixation devices are the preferred method of stabilization of the bone. Based on the data of a retrospective study of 31 Papineau procedures, 65 local flap transfers, and 46 free flap transfers we found that the Papineau procedure works in minor bone and soft tissue… CONTINUE READING