[Treatment of advanced digestive cancer with fluorouracil and methyl-CCNU].


We relate the experience obtained by treatment of 20 advanced digestive cancer patients, with the association of 5 fluorouracil and methyl-C.C.N.U. Objective response was found in 4 patients (20%). Toxicity consisted of leucopenia in 3 patients, allergic phenomena in 2 and diarrhea in 1 patient. Mean survival is increased in 3 months in responders, when compared with non-responders, although this difference has not statistical value.

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@article{Fleischer1978TreatmentOA, title={[Treatment of advanced digestive cancer with fluorouracil and methyl-CCNU].}, author={Inigo Fleischer and Ra{\'u}l Wainstein and Silvia Jovtis and Luis O. Colombato}, journal={Acta gastroenterologica Latinoamericana}, year={1978}, volume={8 3}, pages={191-3} }