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Treatment of Waste Water Containing Ethylene Glycol using Ozonation: Kinetic and Performance Study

  title={Treatment of Waste Water Containing Ethylene Glycol using Ozonation: Kinetic and Performance Study},
  author={Amir hessam Hassani and Hassan Samadyar and Seyed Ahmad Mirbagheri and Amir Hosein Javid},
Ethylene Glycol (EG) is one of toxic and hazardous materials that was used in many industries such as; synthetic fibers, films, antifreeze, resins, explosives, fibers, paper, leather, protective coatings, printing inks and textile. Many environmental problems such as: negative effects on aquatic life, destruction of aquatic ecosystems, soil pollution, reducing the oxygenlevel in the waterabsorption through skin contact, brain damages, damage to the Central Nervous System (CNS) and joints, eye… 

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Treatment of Waste Water Containing Ethylene Glycol using Ozonation : Kinetic and Performance Study

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