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Treatment of Warts with Topical Formic Acid

  title={Treatment of Warts with Topical Formic Acid},
  author={S. Shamsadini and M. Baghery},
  journal={Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences},
Wart is a common dermatologic disease caused by infection with various strains of human papilloma virus, and mostly seen in children. Age, immunologic status and compliance of the individual, as well as extent and the duration of the lesion may help to determine the treatment modality. A case control, double-blind clinical trial was performed in 79 school students, aged 12-17 yrs, with common warts in Kerman, South of Iran. The sites of warts included the scalp, trunk, feet, etc. with their… Expand
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Ninety-two percent of patients who were treated with formic acid showed complete disappearance of warts after 3–4 weeks of treatment, compared to 6% in the placebo group. Expand
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Formic acid was able to cure more than 42% of common warts that were previously resistant to a number of pharmacologic and surgical treatments and the very high percentage of complete remissions reported by two of the previously cited trials is very surprising. Expand
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The variation in response to treatment was shown to be influenced significantly by factors including age, type, number and duration of warts, and the level of cure to depend on the proportions of the various response groups within the population under consideration. Expand
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