Treatment of Mycoplasma Contamination in Cell Cultures with Plasmocin

  title={Treatment of Mycoplasma Contamination in Cell Cultures with Plasmocin},
  author={Cord C. Uphoff and Sabine-A. Denkmann and Hans Guenter Drexler},
  booktitle={Journal of biomedicine & biotechnology},
A high percentage of cell lines are chronically infected with various mycoplasma species. The addition of antibiotics that are particularly effective against these contaminants to the culture medium during a limited period of time is a simple, inexpensive, and very practical approach for decontaminating cell cultures. Here, we examined the effectiveness of the new antimycoplasma compound Plasmocin that has been employed routinely to cleanse chronically infected cell lines. In a first round of… CONTINUE READING


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