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Treatment of Androgenic Alopecia with Autologous Skin Micrografts

  title={Treatment of Androgenic Alopecia with Autologous Skin Micrografts},
  author={Paloma Tejero and Sunkel and Zamorano and Mediestetic Toledo},

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Periosteum-derived micro-grafts for tissue regeneration of human maxillary bone
The efficacy of an innovative clinical protocol of bone tissue engineering called Rigenera protocol, aimed to create and optimize bio-complexes constituted by collagen biomaterial and human autologous periosteum-derived micro-grafts and collagen in the alveolar ridge preservation through a reduction of bone resorption and an enhancement of new osseous tissue formation is demonstrated.
Regenerative Surgery in the Management of the Leg Ulcers
Preliminary results showed that leg ulcers previously treated with routinary approach with no results, when treated with autologous micro-grafts quickly improve their dwound healing in addition to reduction and/or disappearance of pain.
An innovative regenerative treatment of scars with dermal micrografts
Treatments for pathological scars include cryotherapy, intralesional corticosteroid injections, 5‐fluorouracil, bleomycin, interferon, and verapamil.
Male Pattern Baldness: classification and Incidence
A complete understanding of male pattern baldness is essential for consistently good results with hair transplantation, and its use in determining the incidence in 1,000 white adult male subjects is reported.
Treatment of Oncological Post-surgical Wound Dehiscence with Autologous Skin Micrografts.
The Rigenera protocol may be the solution for complex wounds in oncological and immune-compromised patients where other treatments are contraindicated.
[Treatment of oncological pain--its main principles].
The author describes the main medicamentous and other procedures in the treatment of pain in oncological patients and outlines the basic objectives of comprehensive treatment of oncology pain with emphasis on the quality of the patient's life.
A New Medical Device, Based on Rigenera Protocol, in the Management of Complex Wounds
The efficacy of Rigenera protocol is demonstrated in improving wound healing process through application of a cell suspension rich of progenitors cells in two different subjects that are donor and acceptor of these micro-grafts.
Periodontal tissue generation using autologous dental ligament micro-grafts: Case report with 6 months follow-up
The results indicate that the autologous stem cell obtained from connective tissue could be used to provide the basis for bone regenerative surgery, with limited sacrifice of tissue, low morbidity at the collection site and significant reduction in time needed for clinical recovery.
A Regenerative Approach with Dermal Micrografts in the Treatment of Chronic Ulcers
In vivo results showed the ability of dermal autologous micrografts to improve the healing of venous, diabetic, pressure and post-traumatic ulcers after few week of treatment accomplished in general with a better quality of life for the patients.
An innovative regenerative
  • Ulcers. J Cell Sci Ther
  • 2016