[Treatment of 2d and 3d degree complicated tibial shaft fractures with the PMMA bead pouch technic].


In a consecutive series of 222 compound fractures treated at the University of Louisville Level I Trauma Center from November 1984 to January 1987, 21 severe compound tibia shaft fractures in 20 patients were managed with the antibiotic bead pouch technique. There were 5 tibia shaft fractures and 16 tib-fib fractures. There were 9 type II and 12 type III (4 III A and 8 III B) open tibias. The patients' ages ranged from 16 to 50 years; the mean age was 29 years. There were 19 men and 1 woman. The Injury Severity Score (I.S.S.) ranged from 9 to 34; the mean I.S.S. was 14.4. Porous plastic film (Opsite) is placed over the soft tissue defect to establish a "closed" bead - hematoma - fracture environment containing high local levels of antibiotic at the fracture site. All patients had external skeletal fixation, serial wound débridement, and parenteral systemic antibiotics (cefazolin, penicillin, tobramycin). An aggregate of 46 bead pouch changes were performed in the 21 tibia fractures. During these changes, 86 cultures were taken, 5 of which were positive. One patient developed a wound infection, which was caused by tobramycin-resistant Pseudomonas and Enterococcus. No cases of osteomyelitis were observed at the fracture site. Wound closure was obtained in 9 fractures with delayed primary closure, and in 12 fractures with flap coverage and/or split thickness skin grafting. All patients underwent autogenous cancellous bone grafting after wound closure was established. The mean follow-up was 26 months (range 13-43 months). At final follow-up, 4 results were rated excellent, 11 good, 3 fair and 3 poor.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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