Trawl-door shape optimization with 3D CFD models and local surrogates

  title={Trawl-door shape optimization with 3D CFD models and local surrogates},
  author={Elvar Hermannsson and Leifur Þ. Leifsson and Slawomir Koziel and Piotr Kurgan and Adrian Bekasiewicz},
  journal={2014 4th International Conference On Simulation And Modeling Methodologies, Technologies And Applications (SIMULTECH)},
Design and optimization of trawl-doors are key factors in minimizing the fuel consumption of fishing vessels. This paper discusses optimization of the trawl-door shapes using high-fidelity 3D computational fluid dynamic (CFD) models. The accurate 3D CFD models are computationally expensive and, therefore, the direct use of traditional optimization algorithms, which often require a large number of evaluations, may be prohibitive. The design approach presented here is a variation of sequential… CONTINUE READING