Traversable wormhole in Einstein 3-form theory with self-interacting potential

  title={Traversable wormhole in Einstein 3-form theory with self-interacting potential},
  author={Mariam Bouhmadi-L'opez and Che-Yu Chen and Xiao Yan Chew and Yen Chin Ong and Dong-han Yeom},
  journal={Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics},
We numerically construct a symmetric wormhole solution in pure Einstein gravity supported by a massive 3-form field with a potential that contains a quartic self-interaction term. The wormhole spacetimes have only a single throat and they are everywhere regular and asymptotically flat. Furthermore, their mass and throat circumference increase almost linearly as the coefficient of the quartic self-interaction term Λ increases. The amount of violation of the null energy condition (NEC) is… Expand
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