Traversable asymptotically flat wormholes with short transit times

  title={Traversable asymptotically flat wormholes with short transit times},
  author={Zicao Fu and Brianna Grado-White and D. Marolf},
  journal={Classical and Quantum Gravity},
  • Zicao Fu, Brianna Grado-White, D. Marolf
  • Published 2019
  • Physics
  • Classical and Quantum Gravity
  • Author(s): Fu, Zicao; Grado-White, Brianna; Marolf, Donald | Abstract: We construct traversable wormholes by starting with simple four-dimensional classical solutions respecting the null energy condition and containing a pair of oppositely charged black holes connected by a non-traversable wormhole. We then consider the perturbative back-reaction of bulk quantum fields in Hartle-Hawking states. Our geometries have zero cosmological constant and are asymptotically flat except for a cosmic string… CONTINUE READING

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