Travelling wave solutions to the KPP equation with branching noise arising from initial conditions with compact support

  title={Travelling wave solutions to the KPP equation with branching noise arising from initial conditions with compact support},
  author={Sandra Kliem},
  journal={Stochastic Processes and their Applications},
  • Sandra Kliem
  • Published 4 August 2015
  • Mathematics
  • Stochastic Processes and their Applications
Right marker speeds of solutions to the KPP equation with noise
  • Sandra Kliem
  • Mathematics
    The Annals of Applied Probability
  • 2019
We consider the one-dimensional KPP-equation driven by space-time white noise. We show that for all parameters above the critical value for survival, there exist stochastic wavelike solutions which
Propagation of stochastic travelling waves of cooperative systems with noise
We consider the cooperative system driven by a multiplicative It\^o type white noise. The existence and their approximations of the travelling wave solutions are proven. With a moderately strong
Travelling Waves in Monostable and Bistable Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
  • C. Kuehn
  • Mathematics
    Jahresbericht der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung
  • 2019
In this review, we provide a concise summary of several important mathematical results for stochastic travelling waves generated by monostable and bistable reaction-diffusion stochastic partial
The stochastic Fisher-KPP Equation with seed bank and on/off branching coalescing Brownian motion
We introduce a new class of stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs) with seed bank modeling the spread of a beneficial allele in a spatial population where individuals may switch between an


Random Travelling Waves for the KPP Equation with Noise
Consider the stochastic partial differential equation [formula] where Ẇ =Ẇ(t, x) is two-parameter while noise. Assume that u0 is a continuous function taking values in [0, 1] such that for some
A phase transition for a stochastic PDE related to the contact process
SummaryWe consider the one-dimensional heat equation, with a semilinear term and with a nonlinear white noise term. R. Durrett conjectured that this equation arises as a weak limit of the contact
On stationary distributions for the KPP equation with branching noise
A travelling wave solution to the kolmogorov equation with noise
We consider the one-dimensional Kolmogorov equation driven by a particular space-time white noise term and show that there exist stochastic wavelike solutions which travel with a linear speed
whose log-Laplace equation is associated with the semilinear equation Ut = Lu + flu - au2, where a,,8 > 0, and L = 1 Ed j= l aij (d92/( xXi dxj)) + Ed= 1 bi (d/8xi). A path X() is said to survive if
Effect of noise on front propagation in reaction-diffusion equations of KPP type
AbstractWe consider reaction-diffusion equations of KPP type in one spatial dimension, perturbed by a Fisher-Wright white noise, under the assumption of uniqueness in distribution. Examples include
Convergence of Rescaled Competing Species Processes to a Class of SPDEs
One can construct a sequence of rescaled perturbations of voter processes in dimension $d=1$ whose approximate densities are tight. By combining both long-range models and fixed kernel models in the
Collision Local Times and Measure-Valued Processes
Abstract We consider two independent Dawson-Watanabe super-Brownian motions, Y 1 and Y 2. These processes are diffusions taking values in the space of finite measures on ℝ d . We show that if d ≤ 5
Super-Brownian motion: Path properties and hitting probabilities
SummarySample path properties of super-Brownian motion including a one-sided modulus of continuity and exact Hausdorff measure function of the range and closed support are obtained. Analytic
Stochastic p.d.e.'s arising from the long range contact and long range voter processes
SummaryA long range contact process and a long range voter process are scaled so that the distance between sites decreases and the number of neighbors of each site increases. The approximate