Travel writing in the nineteenth century: filling the blank spaces

  title={Travel writing in the nineteenth century: filling the blank spaces},
  author={Tim Youngs},
Long popular with a general readership, travel writing has, in the past three decades or so, become firmly established as an object of serious and multi-disciplinary academic inquiry. Few of the scholarly and popular publications that have focused on the nineteenth century have regarded the century as a whole. This broad volume examines the cultural and social aspects of travel writing on Africa, Asia, America, the Balkans and Australasia. An additional key feature of the volume is its… 

The Landscape to the South: Eugène Fromentin and the Postcolonial Nineteenth Century

Abstract:Postcolonial critics and novelists have brought a new readership to the travel writer and exotic-landscape painter Eugène Fromentin. In turn, the Algerian narratives of this particularly

Approaches to Travel Writing in Isabella L. Bird’s The Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither

This paper examines the approaches to travel writing in Isabella L. Bird’s The Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither . There are various approaches adapted by travel writers, such as nature, ideas on

Ethnographic accounts of visitors from the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy to the Asian peripheries of Russia and their contribution to the development of systematic ethnological studies in the Monarchy: Preliminary results and research perspectives

The authors intend to provide an overview of the diaries, travelogues, and correspondence of Austro-Hungarians who traveled to the Asian peripheries of Russia during the Dual Monarchy. We aim to

The Cambridge Introduction to Travel Writing

Acknowledgements 1. Introduction: defining the terms Part I. Historical Overview: 2. Medieval and early modern travel writing 3. Travel writing in the long eighteenth century 4. Travel writing in the

Life/History/Archive: Identifying Autobiographical Writing by Muslim Women in South Asia

For historians, the debates surrounding autobiography have focused on the question of reliability: can it be considered an appropriate historical source only when verified by “real” material from

Young Americans Abroad: Jacob Abbott’s Rollo on the Grand Tour and Nineteenth-Century Travel Series Books

When Jacob Abbott published his series of juvenile European travel books in the 1850s, he was already one of the most popular, prolific, and well-paid authors in the United States. Over his lifetime,

Frances Wright’s America: A 19th-Century Utopia

Frances Wright, a British social reformer and feminist, published an account of her American travels: Views of Society and Manners in America in 1821. Wright founded an experimental community in


A theoretical discussion of related concepts from the semantic field of travelling should take into consideration such synonymous terms as voyager, tourist, passenger, journeyer, explorer,

Crossing boundaries into a world of scientific discoveries: Maria Graham in nineteenth-century Brazil

In this article I analyse the British traveller Maria Graham (1785–1842) and her lesser-known travels to Brazil in the early nineteenth century. I argue that Graham attempted to cross boundaries into

Metaphors the East Is Othered by: A Critical-cognitive Study of Metaphor in Lady Sheil’s Travelogue Glimpses of Life and Manners in Persia

Regarding travel writing as the textual manifestation of the Self and the Other confrontation, travelogues provide interesting material for analyzing otherness discourse and various strategies of