Travel, Autoethnography and “Cultural Schizophrenia” in Stephanie Elizondo Griest’s Mexican Enough

  title={Travel, Autoethnography and “Cultural Schizophrenia” in Stephanie Elizondo Griest’s Mexican Enough},
  author={Maria Ant{\`o}nia OLIVER-ROTGER},
  journal={Interdisciplinary Literary Studies},
  pages={112 - 129}
My discussion of this travelogue focuses on the ways it is the occasion for the narrative voice to become self-introspective and self-inquiring on the nature of ethnic identity and the politization of racial difference. By distinguishing between the speaking subject of Elizondo Griest the journalist and the autoethnographic subject of Stephanie, and through the critical concepts of “cultural schizophrenia” (Gaspar de Alba), nepantla (Anzaldúa), “hermeneutics of the self” (Alarcón), I suggest… 
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