Traumatic war. Stress & schizophrenia.


1. An examination of the effects of the Lebanese war on the citizens found that traumatic war events can be regarded as of primary importance for risk factors triggering the onset of schizophrenia. 2. The overall findings indicate an increase in the rate of admission for men diagnosed with schizophrenia throughout the 12 years of the war. The most significant increases occurred either following intensive fighting episodes or months later due to the additive effect of stress. 3. How soon individuals are affected by environmentally induced war stress may be related to their level of vulnerability to the disorder.

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@article{Yaktin1992TraumaticWS, title={Traumatic war. Stress & schizophrenia.}, author={Umayma Yaktin and S Labban}, journal={Journal of psychosocial nursing and mental health services}, year={1992}, volume={30 6}, pages={29-33} }