Traumatic spinal cord injuries in Istanbul, Turkey. An epidemiological study

  title={Traumatic spinal cord injuries in Istanbul, Turkey. An epidemiological study},
  author={Safak Sahir Karamehmetoglu and Şule {\"U}nal and Ilhan Karacan and H{\"u}rriyet Yilmaz and H Ş Togay and Mustafa Vecdi Ertekin and Murat Servan D{\"o}şoğlu and Mustafa Ibrahim Ziyal and Derya Kasaroğlu and Tayfun Hakan},
This is a retrospective study conducted in all of the hospitals of Istanbul to survey new patients with a traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI) in 1992. In that year 152 new traumatic SCI were identified. The estimated annual incidence was 21 per million population. The male/female ratio was 3/1. The mean age was 33, being 34 for male patients and 31 for female patients. 72% of all patients were under the age of forty. The major causes of SCI were falls (43%) and car accidents (41%), followed by… CONTINUE READING


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