Traumatic rupture of the ureter: 10 cases.

  title={Traumatic rupture of the ureter: 10 cases.},
  author={Chick Weisse and Lillian R. Aronson and Ken Drobatz},
  journal={Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association},
  volume={38 2},
A retrospective study was performed on eight dogs, one cat, and one ferret with ruptured ureters secondary to blunt trauma. The most common physical examination findings were abdominal distension/discomfort (in five of 10 animals) and gross hematuria (in five of six animals). Multiple organ injury was also common (in seven of 10 animals). Loss of retroperitoneal and peritoneal detail was the most common radiographic finding (in four of six animals). Ureteronephrectomy was the most common… CONTINUE READING