Traumatic pseudoaneurysm of the superior cerebellar artery.

  title={Traumatic pseudoaneurysm of the superior cerebellar artery.},
  author={Wellingson Silva Paiva and Almir Ferreira de Andrade and Hugo Sterman Neto and Robson Luis Oliveira de Amorim and Jos{\'e} Guilherme Pereira Caldas and Manoel Jacobsen Teixeira},
  journal={The journal of trauma and acute care surgery},
  volume={72 3},
A 31-year-old man admitted to our hospital as the victim of aggression with an indeterminate object. At initial evaluation, he presented Glasgow Coma Scale score of 11, left anisocoria, without penetrating injury in head. Before performing computerized tomography scan, the patient’s level of consciousness worsened (Glasgow Coma Scale score 7). Skull computerized tomography scanning showed traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage and hydrocephalus, with important ventricular blood, and a small… CONTINUE READING

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