Traumatic posterior dislocation of hip in children.

  title={Traumatic posterior dislocation of hip in children.},
  author={Satish Kutty and Brian Thornes and W A Curtin and Michael F Gilmore},
  journal={Pediatric emergency care},
  volume={17 1},
Traumatic posterior dislocation of the hip joint in children is an uncommon injury. It constitutes a true orthopedic emergency. It makes up over 80% of pediatric hip dislocations. In children, it can occur as a result of minimal trauma, which is attributed to a soft pliable acetabulum and ligamentous laxity. In skeletally mature adolescents, a greater force is required to dislocate the hip joint. Delay in reduction is associated with long-term complications such as avascular necrosis and… CONTINUE READING