Traumatic lumbar hernia.


BACKGROUND Trauma has various presentations ranging from common injuries that are easily managed to uncommon presentations such as traumatic hernia that may be missed. METHODS Despite being operated for fracture of the femur after a road traffic accident, a 50-year-old female patient remained undiagnosed with a right sided traumatic lumbar hernia for nearly six months after the accident. In this period, the patient underwent incision and drainage thrice for swelling in the right flank which was diagnosed as an infected hematoma by a doctor. RESULTS The patient underwent surgery for repair of traumatic lumbar hernia by combined fascia lata graft and mesh hernioplasty. She remains well on follow-up. CONCLUSION This case underscores the need for awareness of this entity for correct diagnosis and appropriate management that are the key to avoiding complications.

DOI: 10.5847/wjem.j.1920-8642.2012.01.014

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