Traumatic brain injury increases beta-amyloid peptide 1-42 in cerebrospinal fluid.

  title={Traumatic brain injury increases beta-amyloid peptide 1-42 in cerebrospinal fluid.},
  author={C A Raby and Maria Cristina Morganti-Kossmann and Thomas Kossmann and Philip F. Stahel and Martin D. Watson and Lyndon Marc Evans and Pankaj D. Mehta and Karine Spiegel and Y. M. Kuo and Alex E. Roher and Mark R. Emmerling},
  journal={Journal of neurochemistry},
  volume={71 6},
The beta-amyloid peptides, A beta1-42 and A beta1-40, were quantified in ventricular CSF taken daily for up to 3 weeks from six individuals with severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). There was considerable interindividual variability in the levels of A beta peptides, but in general A beta1-42 levels equalled or exceeded those of A beta1-40. Averaging the daily totals of our trauma cohort revealed that the levels of A beta1-42 and A beta1-40 rose after injury, peaking in the first week and then… CONTINUE READING

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