Traumatic aortic rupture: diagnosis and management.

  title={Traumatic aortic rupture: diagnosis and management.},
  author={James S. Gammie and Ashish S Shah and Brack G. Hattler and Robert L. Kormos and Andrew B. Peitzman and Bartley P. Griffith and Si M. Pham},
  journal={The Annals of thoracic surgery},
  volume={66 4},
BACKGROUND Traumatic aortic rupture is a relatively uncommon lesion that presents the cardiothoracic surgeon with unique challenges in diagnosis and management. To address controversial aspects of this disease, we reviewed our experience. METHODS The study was performed by retrospective chart review. RESULTS Forty-two patients with traumatic thoracic aortic ruptures were managed between January 1988 and June 1997. Nine arrived without vital signs and died in the emergency department… CONTINUE READING
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