Traumatic air in spinal canal (pneumorrhachis).

  title={Traumatic air in spinal canal (pneumorrhachis).},
  author={Dawoud El-Halabi and Taek Alkandari and Mohamed Mammdoh Yaktien},
  journal={Anaesthesiology intensive therapy},
  volume={44 1},
BACKGROUND Pneumorrhachis (PR) means the presence of air in the spinal canal; it is an exceptional, but important radiographic finding, which may be associated with different aetiologies and pathways of air entry into the spinal canal. CASE REPORT An 18-year-old male was admitted to hospital after a road traffic accident. He was conscious, with several abrasions and subcutaneous haematoma and emphysema on the left side, but no pneumothorax. Ultrasound of the abdomen showed a grade 2 splenic… CONTINUE READING