Traumatic, spontaneous and postoperative CSF rhinorrhea.

  title={Traumatic, spontaneous and postoperative CSF rhinorrhea.},
  author={Friedrich Loew and B. F. Pertuiset and E E Chaumier and Hans Jaksche},
  journal={Advances and technical standards in neurosurgery},
CSF fistulas are a major complication of head injury but also occur spontaneously or symptomatically in connection with tumours of the skull base, empty sella syndrome, ethmoidal encephalomyelocele, intracranial hypertension or postoperatively in connection with operations on skull base tumours or ENT operations. Their main risk is the possibility of meningitis. The main clinical symptom is CSF leakage from the nose, but meningitis may be the first manifestation. Isotope cisternography and… CONTINUE READING


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