Trauma, resilience, and recovery in a high-risk African-American population.


OBJECTIVE Despite increased risk for psychiatric disorders after trauma exposure, many people are able to adapt with minimal life disruption, and others eventually recover after a symptomatic period. This study examined psychosocial factors associated with resilience and recovery from psychiatric disorders in a high-risk sample of African American adults… (More)
DOI: 10.1176/appi.ajp.2008.07121939


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@article{Alim2008TraumaRA, title={Trauma, resilience, and recovery in a high-risk African-American population.}, author={Tanya N Alim and Adriana Feder and Ruth Elaine Graves and Yan-Ping Wang and James T. Weaver and Maren Westphal and Angelique Alonso and Notalelomwan U Aigbogun and Bruce W. Smith and John Doucette and Thomas A. Mellman and William B. Lawson and Dennis S. Charney}, journal={The American journal of psychiatry}, year={2008}, volume={165 12}, pages={1566-75} }