Trauma and Recovery

  title={Trauma and Recovery},
  author={Judith Lewis Herman},
* Introduction Traumatic Disorders * A Forgotten History * Terror * Disconnection * Captivity * Child Abuse * A New Diagnosis Stages of Recovery * A Healing Relationship * Safety * Remembrance and Mourning * Reconnection * Commonality * The Dialectic of Trauma Continues 
Betrayal Trauma: Traumatic Amnesia as an Adaptive Response to Childhood Abuse
Betrayal trauma theory suggests that psychogenic amnesia is an adaptive response to childhood abuse. When a parent or other powerful figure violates a fundamental ethic of human relationships, vict...
Recovery from psychological trauma
Trauma destroys the social systems of care, protection, and meaning that support human life. The recovery process requires the reconstruction of these systems. The essential features of psychological
Trauma and Forgiveness
Abstract This article examines the reality of trauma in our world and the possibility of utilizing forgiveness as a therapeutic tool to enable victims to transform the wounds of trauma. It attempts
Self-injury in trauma survivors: 1. functions and meanings.
  • R. Connors
  • Psychology
    The American journal of orthopsychiatry
  • 1996
It is proposed that self-injury serves a number of functions, organized here into four categories: re-enactment of the original trauma, expression of feelings and needs, reorganization of the self, and management of dissociative process.
Treating traumatized patients and victims of violence.
This chapter presents a thorough exposition of treating traumatized patients and victims of violence, addressing many aspects of trauma and victimization critical to a vast proportion of the work
This paper describes a short-term modified therapeutic milieu program called The Sanctuary, designed specifically for the treatment of trauma-related disorders in adults, and the fundamental assumptions that inform the treatment model are outlined as well as the goals of treatment.
Family therapy and trauma
In her renowned book, Trauma and Recovery , Judith Herman explored the relationship between sexual abuse and political power and proposed that a person who has been traumatised needs a therapy that
Trauma contagion in partners of survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
Partners of survivors of childhood sexual abuse may develop a "trauma contagion" marked by high levels of stress, doubts about to key personal values and assumptions about the world, and a tendency
The Dynamics of Cumulative Trauma and Trauma Types in Adults Patients With Psychiatric Disorders: Two Cross-Cultural Studies
There is an intricate divide between three major valid paradigms in studying traumatic processes: The psychiatric paradigm that focused mostly on the survival types of traumas and on posttraumatic ...
Suicidal Behavior After a Traumatic Event
The literature on the psychosocial and psychiatric consequences for a range of traumatic life experiences, including military combat, criminal victimization, interpersonal and domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, sexual retraumatization, natural disasters, torture, and the Holocaust are reviewed.


A Secure Base: Parent-Child Attachment and Healthy Human Development
* Caring for children * The origins of attachment theory * Psychoanalysis as art and science * Psychoanalysis as a natural science * Violence in the family * On knowing what you are not supposed to
Group therapy.
Attachment--and loss.
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White House Council on Women and Girls
    Department of Education Releases List of Higher Education Institutions with Open Title IX Sexual Violence Investigations
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      A comprehensive archive of data regarding sexual abuse of children within the Catholic Church is maintained by the nonprofit organization Bishop Accountability
        A Soldier Fights Off the Cold
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