Trauma, loss and other psychosocial drivers of excessive alcohol consumption in Karamoja, Uganda

  title={Trauma, loss and other psychosocial drivers of excessive alcohol consumption in Karamoja, Uganda},
  author={Padmini Iyer and Elizabeth Stites},
This article investigates the trends, drivers and effects of alcohol consumption in Karamoja, a primarily pastoralist area of Uganda. Although locally brewed alcohol from sorghum and millet has an important and long-standing place in Karamojong tradition, the emerging trend of excessive consumption of hard liquor is a cause for concern among government and health officials, development practitioners and, especially, community members themselves. This article explores the varied reasons for this… 


Local Development and Alcohol Abuse: the Case of Karamoja
This paper calls for interventions from different stakeholders, both Governmental and non-Governmental, for correcting the situation, with the objective to avoid future serious and deeper effects on the local society.
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Global status report on alcohol and health
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