Trauma, Discrimination, and Psychological Distress Across Vietnamese Refugees and Immigrants: A Life Course Perspective

  title={Trauma, Discrimination, and Psychological Distress Across Vietnamese Refugees and Immigrants: A Life Course Perspective},
  author={Isok Kim and Mary Keovisai and Wooksoo Kim and Sarah Richards-Desai and Asli Cennet Yalim},
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Vietnamese Americans are a heterogeneous group with varied migration histories. [] Key Method Using Vietnamese refugee (n = 291) and immigrant (n = 211) subsamples from the National Latino and Asian American Study, selected LCP factors relevant to foreign-born Vietnamese were examined for their associations with psychological distress. Two separate regressions were conducted to examine differential factors across the subgroups. Results showed that sex, age at immigration, and pre- and post-migration traumas…
Refugee-related trauma patterns and mental health symptoms across three generations of Hmong Americans.
The findings call for surveillance and a trauma-informed approach for Hmong elders with limited English proficiency, who have a high risk of experiencing accumulative effects of refugee-related trauma and are susceptible to poor mental health outcomes.
Mental Illness Public Stigma and Generational Differences Among Vietnamese Americans
Focus groups with Vietnamese American participants in three generational groups highlighted that while they recognized the value of mental health services, they felt culturally limited in their access, closely related to intergenerational communication about mental health.
The Impacts of Contextual Factors on Psychosocial Wellbeing of Syrian Refugees: Findings from Turkey and the United States
Abstract Refugees may struggle to overcome not only psychological impacts of pre-resettlement events but also additional living challenges in post-resettlement contexts. This study aims to understand
Mental Health Determinants Among a Psychiatric Outpatient Sample of Vietnamese Migrants in Germany
A mental health risk-profile for Vietnamese migrants in Germany is constructed, which aims to detect candidates for psychiatric problems earlier and supply them with customized prevention and therapy options.
Refugee status is associated with double the odds of psychological distress in mid-to-late life: Findings from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging
Psychological distress is associated with a range of negative outcomes including lower quality of life and an increased risk of premature all-cause mortality. The prevalence of, and factors
Psychological Distress, Post-Traumatic Stress, and Suicidal Ideation Among Resettled Nepali-Speaking Bhutanese Refugees in the United States: Rates and Predictors
Health providers should routinely assess Bhutanese refugees’ mental health status for timely further assessment and treatment of psychological distress, post-traumatic stress, and suicidal ideation.
Social Determinants of Mental Health Among Karen Refugees from Burma
Factors affecting psychological distress among Karen refugees from Burma residing in a mid-size city in a northeastern state in the United States showed that trauma and religious participation were positively associated and education and health status were negatively associated with psychological distress.
Vietnamese Americans: History, Education, and Societal Context
While Asian Americans are often depicted as one high-achieving group, there are in fact a wide diversity of Asian American populations that each have their own history and acculturation experiences
Refugees, Discrimination, and Barriers to Health
ABSTRACT Using an interpretive phenomenological analysis, we explored refugees’ experiences with discrimination and social determinants of health in a southern city of Texas, within the context of


Social determinants and the psychological distress of Vietnamese immigrants
Historically, Vietnamese American immigrants have experienced distress associated with war, involuntary migration, and adjustment to life in the USA. Social determinants, including perceived
Generational Differences in Psychosocial Adaptation and Predictors of Psychological Distress in a Population of Recent Vietnamese Immigrants
Current adjustment factors are significantly more important in determining mental health outcomes than premigratory stressors such as war-related traumas, this study found.
Psychological distress and adjustment of Vietnamese refugees in the United States:Association with pre- and postmigration factors.
Findings suggest that different psychological outcomes are predicted by different pre- and postmigration factors, suggesting that adjustment is a complex process that involves multiple indicators and dimensions.
Beyond Trauma: Post-resettlement Factors and Mental Health Outcomes Among Latino and Asian Refugees in the United States
  • Isok Kim
  • Psychology
    Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health
  • 2015
The outcomes indicate that resettlement contextual factors have a significant association with refugees’ mental health, and future studies with refugees must pay closer attention to structural and sociocultural factors after resettlement.
Predictors of depression among refugees from Vietnam: a longitudinal study of new arrivals.
It was revealed that being a veteran, older, unattached, less proficient in English, ethnic Vietnamese, and more depressed at baseline predicted higher depression at follow-up, and other sociodemographic characteristics assumed more importance with time.
Prevalence of depressive symptoms among established vietnamese refugees in the united states
This study substantiates the feasibility and importance of screening for depressive symptoms among Vietnamese refugees, particularly in primary care settings where they are most likely to seek care for both medical and psychological problems.
Trauma exposure and refugee status as predictors of mental health outcomes in treatment-seeking refugees
Treatment for traumatised refugees may need to be multimodal and enable the processing of multiple traumatic memories within a reasonable time-frame to account for multiple predictors of symptom severity including multiple traumatic events.
Psychological traumas and depression in a sample of Vietnamese people in the United States.
  • T. Tran
  • Psychology
    Health & social work
  • 1993
It was revealed that premigration stresses, nightmares, and acculturation stresses had significant indirect effects on depression and health care professionals, social workers, health care organizations, and social work researchers who work with Vietnamese clients should be more culturally sensitive when planning and implementing services and developing research instruments.