Tratamientos farmacológicos en la coadministración de alcohol y cocaína: efectos en la expresión de genes en el córtex prefrontal de la rata

  title={Tratamientos farmacol{\'o}gicos en la coadministraci{\'o}n de alcohol y coca{\'i}na: efectos en la expresi{\'o}n de genes en el c{\'o}rtex prefrontal de la rata},
  author={Victor Alfonso Echeverry Alzate},
Naltrexone is a clinically approved medication for alcoholism. We aimed to investigate the effectiveness of naltrexone co-administered with cocaine and the association of these substances with immediateearly gene expression in the rat prefrontal cortex. We used chronic operant ethanol selfadministration and oral treatments prescribed for alcoholism and available in pharmacies to maximise the predictive validity in humans. We performed real-time PCR analysis to determine gene expression levels… CONTINUE READING


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