Tratamiento de la hiperpresión ósea de la rótula mediante perforaciones óseas. Estudio experimental. Treatment of patella intraoseous hipertensión with osseus drilling. Experimental study

  title={Tratamiento de la hiperpresi{\'o}n {\'o}sea de la r{\'o}tula mediante perforaciones {\'o}seas. Estudio experimental. Treatment of patella intraoseous hipertensi{\'o}n with osseus drilling. Experimental study},
  author={F AlmeidaHerrero and F GomarSancho and Dolores Sala},
Summary. Increased intra-osseous pressure has been postulated as one of the causes of patello-femoral pain, and therefore, decompression osseous drilling has been suggested as a treatment option. With the object of evaluating the efficacy of osseous decompression, we have performed an experimental study in sheep. We used twelve sheep from the merino race divided into two groups, all with an average weight of 60 kilograms and an average age of 4 years. Group A was designed to prove that patellar… CONTINUE READING

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