Trapping in proton irradiated p + -n-n + silicon sensors at fluences anticipated at the HL-LHC outer tracker

  title={Trapping in proton irradiated p + -n-n + silicon sensors at fluences anticipated at the HL-LHC outer tracker},
  author={Wolfgang Adam and Thomas Bergauer and Marko Dragicevic and Martin Friedl and Rudolf Fr{\"u}hwirth and Michael Hoch and Josef Hrubec and Manfred Krammer and Wolfgang Treberspurg and Wolfgang Waltenberger and Sara Alderweireldt and W. Beaumont and Xavier Janssen and Sten Luyckx and Pierre Van Mechelen and N. van Remortel and A. Van Spilbeeck and Pilar Barr{\'i}a and C{\'e}cile Caillol and Barbara Clerbaux and G. De Lentdecker and Didar Dobur and Laurent Favart and Anastasia Grebenyuk and Th. Lenzi and A. L{\'e}onard and T. Maerschalk and Abdollah Mohammadi and Luca Perni{\`e} and Aidan Randle-conde and Thomas Reis and Tomislav {\vS}eva and Laurent Thomas and Catherine Vander Velde and Pascal Vanlaer and Jinyan Wang and Florian Zenoni and Shimaa Abu Zeid and Freya Blekman and Isabelle De Bruyn and Jens E. d'Hondt and Nadir Daci and Kevin Deroover and N. 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Malik and H{\'e}ctor M{\'e}ndez and J. E. Ramirez Vargas and Marc Alyari and James Dolen and Jinnie George and Andrew Godshalk and Ia Iashvili and Josh Kaisen and Avto Kharchilava and Salvatore Rappoccio and J. Alexander and Jorge Chaves and Jyun-Kai Chu and Susan Dittmer and G. Nicolas Kaufman and Nathan Mirman and Anders Ryd and Enrico Salvati and Louise Skinnari and J. Thom and Joshua Thompson and J. Tucker and L. O. Winstrom and Bora Akgun and Karl Matthew Ecklund and T. Nussbaum and James Zabel and B. Betchart and Regina Demina and Otto Hindrichs and G. Petrillo and Ricardo Eusebi and Ilya Osipenkov and Alexx Perloff and Keith A. Ulmer and Andr{\'e}s G Delannoy and Pietro Dangelo and Willard Johns},
  • Wolfgang Adam, Thomas Bergauer, +682 authors Willard Johns
  • Published 2016
  • Physics
  • The degradation of signal in silicon sensors is studied under conditions expected at the CERN High-Luminosity LHC. 200 $\mu$m thick n-type silicon sensors are irradiated with protons of different energies to fluences of up to $3 \cdot 10^{15}$ neq/cm$^2$. Pulsed red laser light with a wavelength of 672 nm is used to generate electron-hole pairs in the sensors. The induced signals are used to determine the charge collection efficiencies separately for electrons and holes drifting through the… CONTINUE READING

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