Trapping and release of helium in tungsten

  title={Trapping and release of helium in tungsten},
  author={P. E. Lhuillier and Taieb Belhabib and Pierre Desgardin and Blandine Courtois and Th. Sauvage and M. Barthe and Anne-Lise Thomann and Pascal Brault and Yves Tessier},
Abstract The behavior of tungsten under irradiation and helium implantation is a major stake of the material-related issues of fusion reactors. In this perspective the fate of helium in tungsten was studied by mean of several characterization techniques. The aim of this study is to highlight the trapping mechanisms of helium in tungsten and their correlation with implantation-induced defects. Helium was implanted into tungsten at two different energies, 0.32 and 60 keV. The helium was studied… CONTINUE READING