Trapper: A graphical programming environment for parallel systems

  title={Trapper: A graphical programming environment for parallel systems},
  author={Lorenz Sch{\"a}fers and Christian Scheidler and Ottmar Kr{\"a}mer-Fuhrmann},
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An Integrated Environment to Design Parallel Object-Oriented Applications

The TRAPPER-paradise C++ toolset is an integrated programming environment well equiped for the design of object-oriented parallel applications. A variety of graphical tools and a parallel extension

Project Workspaces for Parallel Computing - The TRAPPER Approach

The new Windows NT version of TRAPPER, an integrated development and visualization environment for parallel systems, is presented, with emphasis put on a new component called the project workspace tool.

The DIWIDE distributed debugger on Windows NT and Unix platforms

Two versions of DIWIDE distributed debugger are introduced and an overview about platform specific solutions and the recent developments are given.

VPPE: A Novel Visual Parallel Programming Environment

VPPE is a novel Visual Parallel Programming Environment that allows developers to program parallel applications through organising workflows of interconnected icons that supports icons for specifying: I/O operations, workflow organisation, communication, and processing.

Systematic macrostep debugging of message passing parallel programs

  • P. Kacsuk
  • Computer Science
    Future Gener. Comput. Syst.
  • 2000

WINPAR - Windows-based Parallel Computing

Extending OpenMP for Task Parallelism

  • A. Marowka
  • Computer Science
    Parallel Process. Lett.
  • 2003
An integration of task-graph parallelism in OpenMP is presented by extending the parallel sections constructs to include task-index and precedence-relations matrix clauses, and precedence relations are described through simple programmer annotations, with implementation details handled by the system.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI

The Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI, together with its forerunner institutes, will be 50 years old in 2018. This means that a large part of the development of

Systematic debugging of parallel programs based on collective breakpoints

  • P. Kacsuk
  • Computer Science
    1999 Proceedings International Symposium on Software Engineering for Parallel and Distributed Systems
  • 1999
After introducing the concept of the execution tree and meta-breakpoints the systematic debugging of message passing parallel programs is explained and the main features and distributed structure of DIWIDE, a macrostep debugger is described.



TRAPPER: A Graphical Programming Environment for Industrial High-Performance Applications

We present a graphical programming environment called TRAPPER™ (TRAffonic1 Parallel Programming EnviRonment). TRAPPER supports the development of industrial applications which require high computing

Software engineering for parallel systems: the TRAPPER approach

The novel approach introduced with TRAPPER is the support of the different stages of the software engineering process with emphasis on the specific problems of parallel systems.

HeNCE: graphical development tools for network-based concurrent computing

The purpose and use of the HeNCE software is described, which provides a graphical interface for creating, compiling, executing, and debugging parallel programs, as well as configuring a distributed virtual computer (using PVM).

MP: A Programming Environment for Multicomputers

  • J. MageeN. Dulay
  • Computer Science
    Programming Environments for Parallel Computing
  • 1992
The paper outlines program development in the MP environment by means of an example program to compute the transitive closure of a graph (Warshall’s algorithm), currently targeted at developing programs for transputer based multicomputers.

The monitoring facilities of the graphical parallel programming environment TRAPPER

This article motivates the requirements for a monitoring system in such a graphical programming environment as TRAPPER by integrating the existing monitoring system DELTA-T, which already fulfils a lot of these requirements.

An Integrated Environment for Programming Distributed Memory Multiprocessors

TOPSYS (TOols for Parallel SYStems) is an integrated environment for programming distributed memory multiprocessors and uses several distributed monitoring techniques and offers various development tools ranging from specification to performance analysis.

Compiling data parallel programs to message passing programs for massively parallel MIMD systems

  • T. Brandes
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of Workshop on Programming Models for Massively Parallel Computers
  • 1993
It is shown how to design such a compilation system for data-parallel Fortran programs and which optimization techniques are required to make data- parallel programs competitive with their handwritten counterparts using message-passing.

GRACIA: a software environment for graphical specification, automatic configuration and animation of parallel programs

This paper describes the basic concept and the system architecture currently under development for GRACIA, a software environment for graphical specification, automatic configuration and animation of

Visualizing the performance of parallel programs

ParaGraph animates trace information from actual runs to depict behavior and obtain the performance summaries, and provides twenty-five perspectives on the same data, lending insight that might otherwise be missed.