Trap-Shotten Rock from the Biligirirangan Hills, Mysore State, India

  title={Trap-Shotten Rock from the Biligirirangan Hills, Mysore State, India},
  author={Charles S. Pichamuthu},
CHARNOCKITIC rocks have been developed over a wide area in the southern part of the State of Mysore in India. The typical charnockites are found in isolated patches of varying dimensions. The largest of these occurrences is in the Biligirirangan Hills, where a fairly continuous mass of charnockite extending more than 25 miles forms this mountainous tract which lies between 11° 40′ and 12° N. In this region peaks of more than 5,000 ft. are common on the ranges, which generally trend in a north… 
Depth-wise Distribution of Micronutrient Cations in Charnockitic Soils
Micronutrients are essential for good crop performance. This study was to determine the status and distribution of extractable micronutrient cations in profile soils developed on charnockite at Ado,
Evaluation of Universal Extractants for Determination of Selected Micronutrients on Soils Developed over Charnockite in Ekiti State
Twenty six pedogenic soils developed on charnockite were used to evaluate the suitability of extractants for bioavailability of manganese, copper, zinc and iron in the soils to plants. These