Transversely isotropic material characterization of the human anterior longitudinal ligament.

  title={Transversely isotropic material characterization of the human anterior longitudinal ligament.},
  author={Mitchell Scott Hortin and Sarah Graham and Kara Boatwright and Peter S. Hyoung and Anton E. Bowden},
  journal={Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials},
The present work represents the first study to report transversely isotropic material parameters for the human anterior longitudinal ligament (ALL) in the thoraco-lumbar spine. Force-deformation data from multi-axial testing was collected from 30 cadaveric spine test specimens using an anisotropic quarter punch test technique. The experimental data was fit to a commonly used anisotropic soft tissue material model using an FEA system identification technique. The material model correlated well… CONTINUE READING


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