Transverse-momentum resummation and the spectrum of the Higgs boson at the LHC


We consider the transverse-momentum (qT ) distribution of generic high-mass systems (lepton pairs, vector bosons, Higgs particles, ....) produced in hadron collisions. At small qT , we concentrate on the all-order resummation of the logarithmicallyenhanced contributions in QCD perturbation theory. We elaborate on the b-space resummation formalism and introduce some novel features: the large logarithmic contributions are systematically exponentiated in a process-independent form and, after integration over qT , they are constrained by perturbative unitarity to give a vanishing contribution to the total cross section. At intermediate and large qT , resummation is consistently combined with fixed-order perturbative results, to obtain predictions with uniform theoretical accuracy over the entire range of transverse momenta. The formalism is applied to Standard Model Higgs boson production at LHC energies. We combine the most advanced perturbative information available at present for this process: resummation up to next-to-next-to-leading logarithmic accuracy and fixed-order perturbation theory up to next-to-leading order. The results show a high stability with respect to perturbative QCD uncertainties. LPSC 05–63 August 2005

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