Transverse impendance of LHC collimators

  title={Transverse impendance of LHC collimators},
  author={Elias M{\'e}tral and Gianluigi Arduini and R. Assmann and Andrea Boccardi and Thomas Bohl and Friedhelm Caspers and Marek Gasior and O. Jones and K. Kasiński and Tom Kroyer and Stefano Redaelli and Guillaume Robert-Demolaize and Giovanni Rumolo and Ralph J. Steinhagen and Th. Weiler and Frank Dipl Ing Zimmermann},
  journal={2007 IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC)},
  • Elias Métral, Gianluigi Arduini, +13 authors Frank Dipl Ing Zimmermann
  • Published in
    IEEE Particle Accelerator…
  • Physics
  • The transverse impedance in the LHC is expected to be dominated by the numerous collimators, most of which are made of Fibre-Reinforced-Carbon to withstand the impacts of high intensity proton beams in case of failures, and which will be moved very close to the beam, with full gaps of few millimetres, in order to protect surrounding super-conducting equipments. We present an estimate of the transverse resistive-wall impedance of the LHC collimators, the total impedance in the LHC at injection… CONTINUE READING

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