Transverse Spin Diffusion in a Dilute Spin-Polarized Degenerate Fermi Gas

  title={Transverse Spin Diffusion in a Dilute Spin-Polarized Degenerate Fermi Gas},
  author={Denis I. Golosov and Andrei E. Ruckenstein},
  journal={Journal of Low Temperature Physics},
We re-examine the calculation of the transverse spin-diffusion coefficient in a dilute degenerate spin-polarized Fermi gas, for the case of s-wave scattering. The special feature of this limit is that the dependence of the spin diffusion coefficient on temperature and field can be calculated explicitly with no further approximations. This exact solution uncovers a novel intermediate behaviour between the high field spin-rotation dominated regime in which D⊥ ∝ H−2, D∥ ∝ T−2, and the low-field… 
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