Transverse Extension of Partons in the Proton probed by Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering

  title={Transverse Extension of Partons in the Proton probed by Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering},
  author={Rasim Akhunzyanov and Mikhail Alexeev and G. D. Alexeev and Antonio Amoroso and Vincent Andrieux and N. V. Anfimov and Viktor Anosov and A. Antoshkin and Kamil Augsten and Włodzimierz Augustyniak and Alexander Austregesilo and C. Azevedo and Barbara Badełek and Francis Balestra and Markus Ball and Joachim Barth and Rainer Beck and Yann Bedfer and Johannes Bernhard and K. Bicker and E. R. Bielert and R. Birsa and Martin Bodl{\'a}k and Paula Bordalo and Franco Bradamante and Andrea Bressan and Michael Buechele and E. Burtin and V. E. Burtsev and W. C. Chang and Chanchal Chatterjee and Michela Chiosso and I. J. Choi and Alexandr G. Chumakov and S. U. Chung and Andres Cicuttin and Maria Liz Crespo and S. Dalla Torre and S. S. Dasgupta and O. Yu. Denisov and Ladumor Dhara and S. V. Donskov and Norihiro Doshita and Ch. Dreisbach and W. Duennweber and R. R. Dusaev and Michal Dziewiecki and A. V. Efremov and P. D. Eversheim and Martin Faessler and Alberto Ferrero and M. Jr. Finger and H. Fischer and C. Franco and N. du Fresne von Hohenesche and J. M. Friedrich and V. Frolov and Eric Fuchey and Fabrice Gautheron and O. P. Gavrichtchouk and S. G. Gerassimov and J. Giarra and Ivan Gnesi and M. Gorzellik and Antonietta Grasso and A. A. Gridin and M. Grosse Perdekamp and Boris Grube and T. Grussenmeyer and Alexey Guskov and D. Hahne and Gergoe Hamar and D. von Harrach and Robert Heitz and F. Herrmann and Naoaki Horikawa and Nicole d’Hose and C.-Y. Hsieh and Stefan Huber and S. Ishimoto and Andrew Ivanov and Yu. I. Ivanshin and Takahiro Iwata and Vitezslav Jary and Robert Joosten and Petra Joerg and Karla Jur{\'a}skov{\'a} and E. M. Kabuss and Albi Kerbizi and B. Ketzer and G. V. Khaustov and Yu.A. Khokhlov and Yu. Kisselev and Friedrich Klein and J. H. Koivuniemi and V. N. Kolosov and Kunitaka Kondo and Igor Konorov and Vsevolod Konstantinov and A. M. Kotzinian and O. M. Kouznetsov and Zdeněk Kr{\'a}l and Mira Kr{\"a}mer and Fabian Krinner and Z. V. Kroumchtein and Y. P. Kulinich and Fabienne Kunne and Krzysztof Kurek and R. P. Kurjata and Ilya I. Kuznetsov and Anton{\'i}n Kveton and A. A. Lednev and Evgenii A. Levchenko and Maxime Levillain and Stefano Levorato and Y.-S. Lian and Jechiel Lichtenstadt and R. Longo and Valery E. Lyubovitskij and Arnaldo Maggiora and Alain Magnon and Nigel Makins and Nour Makke and Gerhard K. Mallot and S. A. Mamon and C. Marchand and Bohdan Mariański and Alexandre Martin and Jolanta Marzec and Jan W. Matousek and Hisashi Matsuda and Tatsuro Matsuda and G. V. Meshcheryakov and Mareike Meyer and W Thomas Meyer and Yu. V. Mikhailov and Mikhail Mikhasenko and E. I. Mitrofanov and N. Mitrofanov and Y. Miyachi and Alfred Moretti and Alexander Nagaytsev and Frank Nerling and D. P. Neyret and Jan Nov{\'y} and W. D. Nowak and G. Nukazuka and A. S. Nunes and A. G. Olshevsky and Iouri Orlov and Michael Ostrick and D. Panzieri and Bakur Parsamyan and Surajit Paul and J. Peng and F. A. Pereira and Giulia Pesaro and Michal Pe{\vs}ek and Michaela Pe{\vs}kov{\'a} and D. V. Peshekhonov and Nicolas Pierre and S. K. Platchkov and Josef Pochodzalla and Vladimir Polyakov and J{\"o}rg Pretz and M. Quaresma and Catarina Quintans and S{\'i}lvia Ramos and C. Regali and Gerhard Reicherz and Caroline Riedl and Nelly Rogacheva and Dmitry Ryabchikov and A. Rybnikov and A. Rychter and Richard Salac and V. D. Samoylenko and Andrzej Sandacz and C. Santos and Subir Sarkar and I. A. Savin and Tsuyoshi Sawada and Giulio Sbrizzai and Paolo Schiavon and Hartmut Schmieden and K. Schoennig and Erin Seder and A. Selyunin and Laura Gonzalez Silva and Leena Sinha and S. Sirtl and M. Slune{\vc}ka and Jiř{\'i} {\vS}mol{\'i}k and Anton Srnka and Duhm Steffen and Marcin Stolarski and O. Subrt and Miroslav {\vS}ulc and H. Suzuki and Adam Szabelski and T. Szameitat and Paweł Sznajder and Marek Ta{\vs}evsk{\'y} and Stefano Tessaro and F. Tessarotto and Annika Thiel and Jan Tomsa and Francesco Tosello and V. Tskhay and Sebastian Uhl and B. I. Vasilishin and Annika Vauth and B. M. Veit and J. Veloso and A.Vidon and Miroslav Virius and Stefan Wallner and Malte Wilfert and Johannes ter Wolbeek and Krzysztof Zaremba and Petr Závada and Mikhail Zavertyaev and Elena Zemlyanichkina and N. I. Zhuravlev and M. Ziembicki},
  • Rasim Akhunzyanov, Mikhail Alexeev, +224 authors M. Ziembicki
  • Published 2018
  • Physics
  • We report on the first measurement of exclusive single-photon muoproduction on the proton by COMPASS using 160 GeV/c polarized μ+ and μ− beams of the CERN SPS impinging on a liquid hydrogen target. We determine the dependence of the average of the measured μ+ and μ− cross sections for deeply virtual Compton scattering on the squared four-momentum transfer t from the initial to the final final proton. The slope B of the t-dependence is fitted with a single exponential function, which yields B… CONTINUE READING

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