[Transurethral enucleation plus pneumo-cystostomy rotary cut for large benign prostatic hyperplasia].


OBJECTIVE To investigate the feasibility, effectiveness and practicability of transurethral enucleation plus pneumocystostomy rotary cut (TUE + PCRC) for large benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). METHODS We performed TUE + PCRC for 26 BPH patients aged 62 - 85 years with the prostate volume of 80 - 165 ml. We conducted transurethral enucleation of the hyperplastic prostate glands and pushed them into the bladder, followed by bladder puncture for pneumo-cystostomy rotary cut. RESULTS All the surgical procedures were successfully accomplished, with the mean surgical time of 41 (32 - 54) minutes and intraoperative blood loss < 60 ml in all the cases. Twenty-three of the patients were followed up for 2 - 8 months, which revealed no stricture of the urethra or any other severe complications. Compared with the preoperative baseline, significant improvement was achieved in the IPSS (6.5 +/- 2.2 vs 26.2 +/- 2.4), QOL (1.4 +/- 0.9 vs 4.6 +/- 1.2) and Qmax ([5.8 +/- 1.0 ] vs [19.6 +/- 2.8] ml/s) of the patients after surgery (P < 0.01). CONCLUSION TUE + PCRC, with its advantages of short operation time and less severe complications, is a safe and effective approach to the management of large BPH.

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