Transsexual parenthood and new role assumptions

  title={Transsexual parenthood and new role assumptions},
  author={Elena Faccio and Elena Bordin and Sabrina Cipolletta},
  journal={Culture, Health \& Sexuality},
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This study explores the parental role of transsexuals and compares this to common assumptions about transsexuality and parentage. We conducted semi-structured interviews with 14 male-to-female transsexuals and 14 men, half parents and half non-parents, in order to explore four thematic areas: self-representation of the parental role, the description of the transsexual as a parent, the common representations of transsexuals as a parent, and male and female parental stereotypes. We conducted… 

Transgender-Parent Families

While there is a burgeoning literature on same-sex parent households and families, research on transgender-parent households and families remains relatively incipient. In this chapter, we draw upon

Parenting Intentions Among Transgender Individuals.

This qualitative study explored the parenting intentions and desires of 32 self-identified transgender individuals who want to become parents in the future and revealed numerous examples where healthcare professionals could benefit from this new knowledge, such as increasing communication with patients about these desires and issues related to treatment and reproduction.

Stories of Sameness and Difference: The Views and Experiences of Children and Adolescents with a trans* Parent

Abstract Scholarly attention has recently been given to the ways in which gender and parenting identities intersect, yet little is known about how children and adolescents with a trans* parent

Parenthood experiences of LGBT+ individuals: a systematic review

OBJECTIVE This systematic review aims to analyze the parenthood experiences of LGBT+ individuals. METHODS The review was carried out between February and June 2020 and used key words about LGBT+

What do we know about transgender parenting?: Findings from a systematic review.

A systematic review of studies concerning the experiences of transgender parenting conducted during January-September 2017 finds how trans people negotiate their relationships with children following disclosure and transition and the role of professional practice to support trans families.

Title : What do we know about Transgender parenting ? : Findings from a systematic review

  • Psychology
  • 2020
Transgender issues are under-explored and marginalised within mainstream social work and social care professional practice. The experience of gender transition has a profound impact on the

LGBTQ Parenting Post-Heterosexual Relationship Dissolution

This chapter examines parenting among sexual and gender minorities post-heterosexual relationship dissolution (PHRD). Reviewing the literature around intersecting identities of lesbian, gay,

Parenting and Australian trans and gender diverse people: An exploratory survey

ABSTRACT Growing numbers of Australian trans and gender diverse people desire to become parents, yet many who do so experience a lack of support and recognition. This article reports on an online

Demographics and health outcomes in a U.S. probability sample of transgender parents.

There were no significant differences between trans- and cisgender parents and their nonparent counterparts on any mental health or health dimensions, and differences in health outcomes were seen only across gender identities.

Discursive Chains: How Prison Becomes Real and Chains Identity Movements For a Sex Offender

Detainees enact a “self” that is faced with the prejudices and stereotypes of the crime for which that detainee was convicted. Of all inmates, sex offenders face the greatest risk of receiving social



New Fathers and Mothers as Gender Troublemakers? Exploring Discursive Constructions of Heterosexual Parenthood and their Subversive Potential

Current constructions of heterosexual parenthood in western societies seem to be trapped in a change-retention dilemma. Many elements have changed, but many others have stayed the same. Although `new

Children and Adolescents with Transsexual Parents Referred to a Specialist Gender Identity Development Service: A Brief Report of Key Developmental Features

An investigation of the psychosocial development of children of transsexual parents provides a special opportunity to examine whether and how parental gender role influences children’s own gender

Adaptation and adjustment in children of transsexual parents

The results found that children who were younger at the time of the parent’s transition tended to have better relationships and less adjustment difficulties, and parental conflict that continues after the transition period tends to reflect greater family conflict between the transitioned parent and their child.

Sexual identity of 37 children raised by homosexual or transsexual parents.

  • R. Green
  • Psychology
    The American journal of psychiatry
  • 1978
37 children who are being raised by female homosexuals or by parents who have changed sex (transsexuals) report or recall childhood toy, game, clothing, and peer group preferences that are typical for their sex.

Views from both sides of the bridge? Gender, sexual legitimacy and transgender people's experiences of relationships

Findings seem to indicate that participants were strongly influenced by heteronormative discourses, however, less rigid gender beliefs are associated with lower levels of internalised transphobia, which, in turn, areassociated with higher levels of self-esteem.

“I'm in Transition Too”: Sexual Identity Renegotiation in Sexual-Minority Women's Relationships with Transsexual Men

ABSTRACT This qualitative research study examines the experiences of sexual-minority women in relationships with transsexual men (N = 20) using grounded theory analysis. This paper reports data on

Intimate Transitions: Transgender Practices of Partnering and Parenting

This article begins by examining sociological studies of intimacy and suggests that, despite a rise of interest in non-normative practices of sociality, transgender lives and experiences are absent

Desirous Subjects and Parental Identities: Constructing a Radical Discourse on (Lesbian) Family Sexuality

Sexuality is integral to most analyses of lesbian families, but how this culturally constituted sense of ourselves is realized in the home is predominantly lacking. This article aims to look at the

Children of a transsexual father: A successful intervention

  • J. Sales
  • Psychology, Medicine
    European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
  • 2005
A family of a transsexual father is described in which the children presented with difficulties and with more generalised difficulties secondary to break-up of the family.

When a Spouse Comes Out: Impact on the Heterosexual Partner

When a spouse comes out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, the disclosure is a family matter. However, the impact on the heterosexual partner is usually overlooked. Most cope alone, though