Transsexual Women and Feminist Thought: Toward New Understanding and New Politics

  title={Transsexual Women and Feminist Thought: Toward New Understanding and New Politics},
  author={Raewyn Connell},
  journal={Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society},
  pages={857 - 881}
  • R. Connell
  • Published 1 June 2012
  • Sociology
  • Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
Transsexual women provide rich data for feminist theory but have had a conflict-ridden relationship with feminism since the 1970s. Deconstructionist theory and transgender politics mean greater acceptance but have not escaped the problem of identity. Feminist social science offers vital resources for understanding transition as a gender project, starting with contradictory embodiment. The intransigence, not the fluidity, of gender is central. Transsexual women’s lives unfold through gendered… 

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The “Penis Police”: Lesbian and Feminist Spaces, Trans Women, and the Maintenance of the Sex/Gender/Sexuality System

  • J. Earles
  • Sociology
    Journal of lesbian studies
  • 2019
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