Transrectal ultrasound urodynamics.

  title={Transrectal ultrasound urodynamics.},
  author={Mohamed Bidair and J M Tiechman and P P Brodak and Salima Juma},
  volume={42 6},
          640-4; discussion 644-5
Seventy-seven male patients (34 with cervical spine injury, 32 with thoracic spine injury, 9 with lumbosacral spine injury, and 2 with multiple sclerosis) who were referred to our spinal cord injury unit for urologic evaluation had videourodynamic studies using transrectal ultrasound and fluoroscopy. All were studied twice in the same session: first with transrectal ultrasound urodynamics (TRUSU) and the second time with conventional fluoroscopic videourodynamics (VUD). The findings were… CONTINUE READING