Transrectal Doppler sonography of uterine blood flow in cows during pregnancy.

  title={Transrectal Doppler sonography of uterine blood flow in cows during pregnancy.},
  author={Heinrich Bollwein and Ulrich Baumgartner and Rudolf Stolla},
  volume={57 8},
Transrectal Doppler ultrasound was used for the noninvasive investigation of uterine blood flow in three cows during pregnancy. The uterine arteries ipsi and contralateral to the conceptus were scanned monthly. Blood flow was reflected by the following parameters: resistance index (RI), time-averaged maximum velocity (TAMV), diameter of the vessel (D) and the volume of blood flow (VOL). RI values were negatively correlated to all other blood flow parameters (P < 0.01). Positive correlations… CONTINUE READING

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