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Transport theory and spin-transfer physics for frustrated magnets

  title={Transport theory and spin-transfer physics for frustrated magnets},
  author={Ricardo Zarzuela and Jairo Sinova},
We study the electron dynamics in magnetic conductors with frustrated interactions dominated by isotropic exchange. We present a transport theory for itinerant carriers built upon the (singleband) doped Hubbard model and the slave-boson formalism, which incorporates the spin-exchange with the magnetically frustrated background into the representation of electron operators in a clear and controllable way. We also formulate hydrodynamic equations for the itinerant charge and spin degrees of… Expand

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In particular, spin dynamics of frustrated magnets are free from anomalies rooted in the kinetic Wess-Zumino term ascribed to ferromagnetism
    We note that the support of the weight function characterizes the mesoscopic volume over which the (volume) average is performed
      We note that, in Ref. 10, the summation is also averaged by the number of sublattices since the energy density per site is considered