Transport properties of CuInS2, CuInSe2 and CuInTe2 thin films

  title={Transport properties of CuInS2, CuInSe2 and CuInTe2 thin films},
  author={A. M. Abo El Soud and Hamdia A. Zayed and L. I. Soliman},
Abstract Transport properties, namely electrical conductivity σ, Hall coefficient R H and thermoelectric power Q , have been measured for thin films of the ternary chalcopyrite compounds CuInS 2 , CuInSe 2 and CuInTe 2 as a function of temperature in the range 80–400 K. The calculated values of the carrier concentration for the three compounds showed that all films are non-degenerate p-type semiconductors. The effective mass m ∗ was found to decrease with increasing temperature. The temperature… CONTINUE READING


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