Transport properties and ageing for the averaged Lévy–Lorentz gas

  title={Transport properties and ageing for the averaged L{\'e}vy–Lorentz gas},
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Statistics of occupation times and connection to local properties of nonhomogeneous random walks.
The distribution of observables of a wide class of stochastic processes can be characterized by a single exponent, that is connected to a local property of the probability density function of the process, viz., the probability of occupying the origin at time t, P(t). Expand
Limit theorems for L\'evy flights on a 1D L\'evy random medium
We study a random walk on a point process given by an ordered array of points $(\omega_k, \, k \in \mathbb{Z})$ on the real line. The distances $\omega_{k+1} - \omega_k$ are i.i.d. random variablesExpand
Cusp of Non-Gaussian Density of Particles for a Diffusing Diffusivity Model
It is demonstrated how super-statistical framework is a zeroth order short time expansion of P(x,t), in the number of transitions, that does not yield the cusp like shape. Expand
Limit theorems for Lévy flights on a 1D Lévy random medium
We study a random walk on a point process given by an ordered array of points (ωk, k ∈ Z) on the real line. The distances ωk+1 − ωk are i.i.d. random variables in the domain of attraction of aExpand
Exploring the Gillis model: a discrete approach to diffusion in logarithmic potentials
Gillis model, introduced more than 60 years ago, is a non-homogeneous random walk with a position dependent drift. Though parsimoniously cited both in the physical and mathematical literature, itExpand
Large Fluctuations and Transport Properties of the L\'evy-Lorentz gas
The Levy-Lorentz gas describes the motion of a particle on the real line in the presence of a random array of scattering points, whose distances between neighboring points are heavy-tailed i.i.d.Expand


Non-homogeneous persistent random walks and Lévy–Lorentz gas
We consider transport properties for a non-homogeneous persistent random walk, that may be viewed as a mean-field version of the L\'evy-Lorentz gas, namely a 1-d model characterized by a fatExpand
Transport properties of Lévy walks: An analysis in terms of multistate processes
Continuous time random walks combining diffusive and ballistic regimes are introduced to describe a class of Levy walks on lattices. By including exponentially distributed waiting times separatingExpand
Lévy walks and scaling in quenched disordered media.
The asymptotic behavior of the mean-square displacement of Lévy walks in quenched disordered one-dimensional media is obtained as a function of the exponent characterizing the scatterers distribution. Expand
Random Walks in a One-Dimensional Lévy Random Environment
We consider a generalization of a one-dimensional stochastic process known in the physical literature as Lévy-Lorentz gas. The process describes the motion of a particle on the real line in theExpand
One-dimensional stochastic Levy-lorentz gas
  • Barkai, Fleurov, Klafter
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • Physical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics
  • 2000
A Levy-Lorentz gas in which a light particle is scattered by static point scatterers arranged on a line is introduced and it is shown that under certain conditions the mean square displacement of the particle obeys <x(2)(t)>>/=Ct3-gamma for 1<gamma<2. Expand
Infinite ergodic theory for heterogeneous diffusion processes.
It is found that a nonnormalized state, also called an infinite density, describes statistical properties of the system and the time averages of a wide class of observables are obtained using an ensemble average with respect to the non normalized density. Expand
Anomalous diffusion models and their properties: non-stationarity, non-ergodicity, and ageing at the centenary of single particle tracking.
This Perspective is intended as a guidebook for both experimentalists and theorists working on systems, which exhibit anomalous diffusion, and pays special attention to the ergodicity breaking parameters for the different anomalous stochastic processes. Expand
Diffusion in the Lorentz gas
The Lorentz gas, a point particle making mirror-like reflections from an extended collection of scatterers, has been a useful model of deterministic diffusion and related statistical properties forExpand
Typicality of recurrence for Lorentz gases
  • M. Lenci
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems
  • 2006
It is a safe conjecture that most (not necessarily periodic) two-dimensional Lorentz gases with finite horizon are recurrent. Here we formalize this conjecture by means of a stochastic ensemble ofExpand
Ageing and confinement in non-ergodic heterogeneous diffusion processes
We study the effects of ageing—the time delay between initiation of the physical process at t = 0 and start of observation at some time > t 0 a —and spatial confinement on the properties ofExpand